Michael and Rosemary welcome you.

The Foundry: A visual demonstration in combination with a narrative explanation that defines the lost wax casting process of the Michael Hall Studio Foundry. Come in, we are open.

The Studio: A look inside the studio, from raw materials to exhibits of life like to whimsical imagery.

Michael Hall: Get an idea of what motivates his creativity, brings a smile to his face, nourishes his desire to instruct.

Rosemary Hall: From horticulture to bronze, how Rosemary evolved into the artist.

Works in Progress: This speaks for itself.

Yard Art: From an ancient look to a contemporary or abstract feel, one can find or have made at the Michael Hall Studio Foundry. Bring in a sketch or idea, see the transformation of your vision become reality.

Backyard Artillery: See how the craftsmen at the Studio Foundry play at least once a year at the gala hosted by the founders, Michael and Rosemary -- BOOM!!

Our Client Gallery: From airplanes to zoo animals, this is where you get to see what we have been doing over the last 30 years and for whom.

Our Colleagues Gallery: Art is not limited to what we do. Here are a few of our friends and colleagues with their creations.

Contact the Studio Foundry: You can always find Michael and Rosemary's contact information right here.