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These are some of our Colleagues who have their own websites. Please pay them a visit.



The Ronadró Collection offers collectors of fine medical and dental art bronze sculpture and porcelain figurines crafted by the master artist Ronadró. Each medical bronze sculpture and dental bronze sculpture is crafted entirely by hand and finished to a warm glow. Doctors, surgeons, dentists and other collectors of medical artwork have made Ronadró's sculptures and figurines highly prized medical art. Beginning in 2004, the artist Ronadró began accepting commisions for custom bronze sculpture--contact us for more information about creating a custom piece of art.



Deep in the Heart Art Foundry

Nestled in the Lost Pines of Central Texas, Deep in the Heart Art Foundry was established in 1980 in the heart of downtown Bastrop. Over the ensuing years, we earned recognition as a small facility with excellent craftsmanship and a friendly staff. In 1999 after the foundry was purchased by Heart of Texas Art Group, Inc., we began a period of tremendous expansion, culminating in the move to a larger facility on a beautiful 4-acre track of land in the Bastrop Industrial Park in 2002.



Kevin Erben

An associate and former worker here at the Studio Foundry, Kevin is now a capable and prolific artist in his own right. Check out this up and coming new talent.